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Nightlife Reviews in Val Thorens
Best Places to Party

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Val Thorens Apres Ski Report: 12th April 2012

Closing Parties
Andy Wilson | | published: 12th April 2012

There’s not long left now guys. Despite the fact that people are describing the last couple of days as “the best powder days of the season”, it is approaching closing time in Val Thorens. As establishments around resort begin to shut up shop, it has become the mission of every holiday maker and seasonnaire in resort to squeeze out every last bit of winter-season party that there is left. With its renowned nightlife (party capital of the Three Valleys anyone?) there is absolutely no shortage of end-of-season blow outs to keep everyone in the party spirit. Why not do your bit to help your favourite bars use up their remaining stock?

Whilst the usual Sunday and Monday nights were as lively as ever this week, the most notable night of this week was the annual W.O.F.T.A.M awards, hosted at Saloon Bar on Tuesday night. Whilst there were a few clusters of holiday-makers dotted around, the event was primarily aimed at seasonnaires who voted for the winners of the numerous awards. The prize giving began at around 11pm, hosted by the owners of Saloon and the neighbouring Cafe Snesko, both of whom seemed rather eager on getting everyone who was crammed into the bar pretty smashed. The nominations for each award were gathered from forms filled out by punters throughout the last couple of weeks in each of the bars that line the strip at the top of town. Once they took to the stage a second round of votes was called until a majority was counted. There awards for ‘Song of the Season’, ‘Town Drunk’, ‘Village Idiot’ and the hallowed ‘Mr & Mrs V.T. Awards’. With this kind of event, there’s always the chance that things could become a little malicious but in this case, even with the slightly more ‘top-shelf’ awards, nothing was taken too seriously. It was simply a great opportunity to get all of the season-workers in the same room to party. Events soon moved over to The Frog and Roastbeef (primarily the British seasonnaires) where we indulged in some Karaoke and dancing, continuing over to Klub Summit to finish the night.

On Wednesday evening (still exhausted from the night before) we decided to treat ourselves to an evening of bowling. Located just behind Place Caron at Place de l'Arche, the sizable bowling alley/arcade/sports bar was a refreshing change, Wednesday usually being a BNO (big night out) at the bars that line the top of town. At 11€ for a game (or 9€ for seasonnaires) it’s not especially cheap, particularly if you are also drinking at the bar (6€ for a beer), but it’s a great laugh and the venue is particularly well kept. After working up an appetite on the lanes we went out for a meal at Kinabalu, the sole Asian restaurant in Val Thorens, located in the Peclet shopping centre. The restaurant serves primarily Thai food which is all cooked with surprising authenticity and the ingredients seem extremely fresh, sometimes a rarity at this altitude. It is certainly not on the cheap end of the mountain restaurant spectrum, but if you are after some superb Asian cuisine with warm and welcoming service to boot, it won’t matter in the slightest.

The party is continuing next week and there are two big events for your calendars. Firstly, dig out your gladrags and head down to The Frog and Roastbeef on Tuesday night for their end of season prom. The idea of there being a ‘prom’ in The Frog might raisee eyebrows but, as with most of the events put on in the Highest Pub in Europe, the tongue is placed firmly in the cheek. Expect party games, jazz and swing from DJ Laserman and the bar staff to be dressed in their finery. The night after swap your tuxedo for a pair of Speedos for a beach party at Saloon bar. There is no sand and sea up here in the mountains but we have definitely had plenty of sun so get your tanned self to Saloon on Wednesday night and dance the night away to some Baywatch. You’ve earned it.

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Val Thorens Apres Ski Report: 5th April 2012

Happy Easter in Val Thorens Andy Wilson | | published: 12th April 2012
An image of a mother sledding with her child

With only a few weeks left of the season, there are parties left right and centre in Val Thorens and we’re having a ball. The town’s various haunts have been populated largely with a mix of seasonnaires and students, all eager to take a piece of the famed Val Thorens nightlife for themselves. Celebrating their birthday this week was The Frog and Roastbeef and it was an apt occasion for a boozy shebang. Whilst they didn’t have the luscious weather that we thought would continue ad nauseum (a planned foam machine and hot-tub had to be cancelled) the day-long party got everyone in fantastic season-high spirits. With the option to go all in for €35 everybody was distinctly merry by mid-afternoon and eager to demonstrate their skills on the snowy bucking bronco outside. There was live music throughout the day as two bands duelled on either side of the room, occasionally making room for a karaoke song and music from DJ Laserman. Acting as the seasonnaire post office and general meeting place, there is always an extremely welcoming atmosphere up at The Frog and it was a pleasure to join them in celebrating their birthday.
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Val Thorens Apres Ski Report: 28th March 2012

Festi Val Tho
Andy Wilson | | published: 28th March 2012
An image of partygoers in costume

Up in the mountains, high profile events have a tendency to go down one of two ways. More often than not they are a blinding success – the delayed Frostgun competition being a prime example – but occasionally they crumble under the pressure of their own over-hyped publicity. Now in the final throws of the season, there is a palpable party atmosphere across the Three Valleys expanse and seasonnaires and holidaymakers alike are all in constant search of the next big shindig. The piste-side apres bars have been filling up from the early afternoons and the party continues into the evening at the bars and clubs that line the streets at the higher end of town. Amongst all of this partying, it has been hard to ignore the impending Festi Val Tho, a prominent fixture in the season’s party calendar for the last five years.
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Val Thorens Apres Ski Report: 22nd March 2012

What to do from now until the end of the season
Laura Baker - Val Thorens Immobilier | Val Thorens Reporter | published: 22nd March 2012
An image of the ridge path at the bottom of Portette

As we approach the end of another month there is still plenty going on for all of you snow lovers in Val Thorens.
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Val Thorens Apres Ski Report: 22nd March 2012

Lunch on the mountain & forthcoming activities
Andy Wilson | | published: 22nd March 2012
An image of some fireworks above the slopes of Val Thorens

Whilst it is lovely in Val Thorens in the sunshine, the clear weather may be just the thing to tempt you on an exploration out of resort. This was the case for us this week as we (along with many others) ventured beyond the boundaries of our resort. For many skiers/snowboarders, a day out on the slopes is planned around one crucial activity; eating lunch. Mountain eateries are rarely located near each other meaning that a location should be chosen in advance and the day’s route is based around that. This week we decided to make our way over to La Tania to sample the cuisine at the famous Ski Lodge.
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Val Thorens Apres Ski Report: 14th March 2012

Savoyard dining, Scandinavian drinking
Andy Wilson | | published: 14th March 2012
An image of the flammable bar in cafe Snesko

The weather in Val Thorens at the moment is perfect party weather. The afternoon sunshine is bringing the slope-based bars and dance-floors to life and the warm evening air keeps the party going into the early hours. With the French holidays now over, it is significantly less busy in resort, the vibe is a little more chilled out and there is more room to breathe.
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