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Val Thorens Dump Alert: 24th March 2014

Fresh dump for the official start of spring

After a long warm & dry period in Val Thorens, the clouds came in and temperatures dropped across the Alps this weekend bringing in some 15cm of fresh snow up top and around 10cm down in resort.
The snow started up midday on Saturday and continued on through to Sunday evening.
A few more isolated snow showers are forecast over the next few days so who knows how much more snow could be expected.

Location: Meribel Valley

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Val Thorens Dump Alert: 1st March 2014

March starts with a dump in Val Thorens

Another 15cm of fresh snow fell overnight here in Val Thorens and more is on the forecast for the next few days.
Temperatures have plummeted too - minus 12C on summits this morning, which will be good for the snow but tough on the hands & feet!
All the lifts look open this morning and the pistes should be quiet so make the most of it if you are leaving late or ariving early and get out there!


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Val Thorens Dump Alert: 27th February 2014

It's been dumping overnight and Val Thorens is back in white

Yesterday the clouds came in and gradually became thicker and thicker, resulting in an overnight snowfall here in Val Thorens.
This morning there is a fresh blanket of snow on the ground in Val Thorens which is just enough to make the resort look all white and fresh.
Up top the there is around 25 cm of snow to enjoy, however the avalanche risk has been maintained at a 3/5. Thanks to New Generation for the photo from Le Praz.
The forecast is for mixed conditions today before a few overnight snow flurries, and Friday should have a few fleeting sunny spells in the morning.





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Half Term Dump: 17th February 2014

Masses of snow for all

It seem's it hasn't stopped snowing here in Val Thorens, since Friday we have seen a series of heavy snowfalls.
With 15-20cm falling overnight on Friday we woke to some proper, light, powder snow.
And to add to Saturday's snowfall, it snowed all Sunday long too.
We tried to measure the new snow with a ruler this morning and it disappeared from view, so over 35cm fell.
What a great start to the holidays!





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Dumped on Valentines: 14th February 2014

25cm of fresh snow falls for Valentine's day!

It's true, it's fallen for you, some 15cm of fresh snow has come down in Val Thorens, just in time for February half-term.
There was rain and wind yesterday, which luckily turned to fresh snow in overnight - 15cm on the upper slopes, 10cm in resort. Lift company says pistes groomed overnight and in great shape this morning.
Strong winds have created large accumulations/slabs in high areas - avalanche risk 4/5 today, take caution on the mountain. 


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